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IDEA bikes showroom

Paris building

Baťkovo náměstí 552, Hradec Králové

PO-PA: 11-17


Responsible person: Ondřej Rybín; IČ 02066432; VAT ID 9305123267; Labská Louka, Hradec Králové.

Registered in the Trade Register in Hradec Králové - file number SZMMHK / 041715 / 2016


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Rafkarna was founded at the end of 2015. In 4 years of its existence on the market has built its own brand of carbon components IDEA, under which in cooperation with Libor Strnadel produces the world's fastest scooter IDEA STRNADEL S1. In addition to the sale itself Rafkarna offers a wide range of services. The sports program for active cyclists is provided by the Rafkarna IDEA Cycling Team.




Foundation of Rafkarna CZ

  • 2015

    Custom bicycle construction

  • 2016

    Wheel configurator


    Foundation of IDEA brand for bike parts

  • 2017

    Our own production of carbon scooters


    Establishment of factory racing team


    Opening of the Rafkarna Cafe showroom


    Custom production of IDEA bikes

  • 2018 

    Bike rental IDEA in Majorca + camp organization

  •  2019

    Renewal of the Hradec Králové Grand Prix 

  • New range of carbon wheels 


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