Jarmila Machačová wins in Holland

Jarmila Machačová wins in Holland

A pair of competitors LDS Dukla Praha Jarmila Machačová and Barbora Průdková raced last week in the Netherlands and Belgium and raced very well. Experienced Machačová climbed the podium twice when she won once and was third, and Průdková added one second place. At Dukla they are now more devoted to women and it was a great opportunity for the competitors of the newly born team to compete in excellent competition.

"I got to Holland thanks to a friend from Austria who took me to my friends six years ago. They accepted us as their own and planned a racing program. Now I go there alone and I create the program as needed. This year I was there with my biker Barča Průdková. On days when there are no races in Holland, you can race in Belgium. There is a series of criteria in the Netherlands after the Tour de France, so you can race almost every day, ”said Jarmila Machačová, the former World Champion in the scoring race.

"Every race has a lot of experience, women run independently and the competition is somewhere else than here. Also the length of races is twice and the averages are around forty. The race is from the first kilometer, nobody is waiting for anything. The criterion also includes riders from Dutch professional road teams, depending on the racer's program, ”she continues.

Summer road races for Machačová, however, are primarily a preparation for winter and track. “It is not that I am more oriented on the road, the priority is and will remain the track. But I like racing on the road and when there are more and better quality, there is no better preparation for winter. Most foreign trackers race well on the road. Only then can we go further, ”Jarmila knows, who welcomes the fact that Dukla is now more focused on women. This year, as a Dukla team, we took part in the Czech international stage races Gracia Orlova and the Tour de Feminin and abroad the Tour de Pologne. Giro Toscana is still in Italy in September. Starts on the road are a very important preparation for the track season and it is great if you can drive with your own team and facilities to which you are accustomed, ”emphasizes experienced cyclists.

Machačová completed six races in a week. Five criteria per 60 kilometer and one road race per 92 kilometer, the only one left out by young Průdková. And their results were very good.

Source: http://www.duklacycling.cz/machacova-a-prudkova-zavodily-uspesne-v-beneluxu/