Machačová and Rybín celebrate success in the Czech Cup

Machačová and Rybín celebrate success in the Czech Cup

The Czech Cup of Youth and Women on the Road had another sequel in Židovice, which was held as a Memorial of J. Menhart and L. Heller. Among the women, Jarmila Machačová from Dukla Praha won another clear victory on the 73 kilometer long track, which came to the finish with 42 seconds ahead of Nikola Nosková and 4: 56 ahead of Pavla Havlíková (both KC Kooperativa Jablonec nN). Among the juniors who rode the 109 kilometers, six spiders were the most successful in the spurt. Kryštof Solař (Merida Team Kolín, Expres CZ - Expres CZ) won before Daniel Rybín (Dukla Praha) and Vojtěch Sedláček from CK Příbram - Fany Gastro.


Juniors (109 km):

1. Solař (Expres CZ - Merida Team Kolin) 2: 42: 24, 2. Rybin (Dukla Praha), 3. Sedlacek (CK Pribram - Fany Gastro), 4. Drdek (Cycling Academy Tabor), 5. Simunek (KC Koopereativa Jablonec n. N.), 6. Bran (Mapei Merida Kaňkovský) all the same time.

Women (73 km):

1. Machacova (Dukla Praha) 1: 59 05 2 Nosková + 42, 3. Havlikova (both KC Kooperativa Jablonec nN) + 4: 56, 4. Bajgerová (all KC Koopereativa Jablonec nN), 5. Drdova (Dukla Praha), 6 ,. Voráčová (TJ Uničov) all + 5: 03.