IDEA for bike parts included in RAAM 2017

IDEA for bike parts included in RAAM 2017

It is a great honor for Rafkarna and her factory brand IDEA for bike parts to be part of the most prestigious endurance race Race Across America 2017 (RAAM 2017).

Saint Božák, who has already beaten RAMM in 2012, is returning to this prestigious race this year to improve his current position. Together we have selected a complete range of IDEA aerodynamically tested rims, which will form the quality base of carbon wheels together with DT Swiss components.

IDEA C4 AET - 38 mm tall IDEA carbon rim, which has a minimum weight and is thus designed for the hilly passages of the race.

IDEA C6 AET - 60 mm tall IDEA carbon rim is the optimal choice for slightly undulating terrain or flat sections with stronger side winds.

IDEA C9 AET - 88 mm high carbon rim IDEA is the fastest we can offer at Rafkarna. For long flat sections, these rims are a clear choice.