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  • Company Information: Ondřej Rybín - RAFKARNA CZ: IČ 02066432; VAT number 9305123267; Registered office: Labská Louka 667, Hradec Králové.
  • Registered in the Trade Register in Hradec Králové - file number SZMMHK / 041715/2016.


Rafkarna premium warranty 3 years

We offer an increased warranty for the new edition of IDEA carbon components for bike parts. The increased warranty applies to the wheels and IDEA carbon frame parts.

  • Wheelset: complete warranty 3 years for wheelsets except braking surface (2 years).
  • Frame sets: complete warranty 3 years.

Availability of IDEA spare parts and FREE service

During the warranty period we guarantee the availability of spare parts for all offered products. Service and replacement parts are free of charge during the warranty period. It is mainly the replacement of spokes, nipples, footings for frames and other parts.

Rafkarna exchange program for rims IDEA

Rafkarna exchange program will help you when you manage to destroy your purchased carbon wheels or carbon frame from our workshop. By keeping most of the carbon rims still in stock, we are able to replace your damaged component almost immediately. The biggest advantage of this service is a discount on a new component and 40% of the sale price. The exchange program can only be used once within 1 a year after purchase.

  • Instant replacement of a destroyed component - 90% we keep our own assortment in stock.
  • Discount 40% off the selling price.

Rafkarna carbon repair

A damaged carbon component does not always have to be discarded and a new one purchased. Carbon is a repairable material and so we offer the possibility of professional repair of carbon rims, frames and other carbon components. The severity of damage and repair options are always at the individual discretion of a professional mechanic who will determine the extent of repair and assess whether it is convenient to repair the component or buy a new one.

  • Repairs of carbon rims and carbon frames.
  • Repairs of handlebars, stem, seatposts and other components.

Rafkarna service support

Rafkarna Servis offers first-class services in the area of ​​repair, overhaul and renovation of your bicycles. Service provides all warranty and post-warranty repairs of IDEA carbon products. In addition to service work we also offer consultations in the field of velo assortment.

  • Design of wheel sets and complete bicycles from the IDEA range for bike parts.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service for IDEA products for bike parts.

Rafkarna test program

On our website we present a large number of technologies, which include carbon rims and frames offered by us. You can try all our declared features yourself. We offer testing of selected models of wheel sets and complete wheels of IDEA.



Technical recommendations for IDEA carbon rim entanglement
  • The maximum recommended spoke tension in the rim is 1300 nm, for carbon spokes up to 1400 nm.
  • For undamaged DT Swiss spikes, tensioning is possible up to 1300 nm. In thinned models 1150 nm.
  • IDEA carbon rims do not require nipple pads. Nipples are recommended Sapim Secure Lock AL 14mm.
  • The load capacity of carbon rims is 120 kg to 200 kg depending on the type of IDEA carbon rim.

User recommendations for using IDEA wheels
  • MTB / FATBIKE - 60 dogs.
  • ROAD (tire rims) - 120 dogs.
  • ROAD (tubular rims) - no restrictions.
  • Use only original brake blocks intended for carbon rims. We recommend genuine IDEA SAFE STOP brake blocks.
  • Only center the wheels at a reputable bicycle service.

Violation of these recommendations may lead to destruction that is not covered by the claim. If the wheels show any signs of damage, please contact the Rafkarna customer line for advice on how to carry out the necessary repairs. Under no circumstances should you try to repair anything yourself. These are professional products that must only be serviced by a qualified mechanic.



Transport company DPD CZ / SK
  • In advance to 3783592359 / 0800 bank account.
  • DPD credit service - payment is possible only in cash.
  • Orders are shipped well packaged to avoid damage during transport.
  • Shipments up to 200 cm circumferential length.

Transport company DACHSER or EMS - international
  • In advance to 3783592359 / 0800 bank account.
  • Orders are shipped well packaged to avoid damage during transport.

Approximate price calculation of shipping box 120x20x70 (up to 10kg)

  • America: 3500 CZK / 10 days
  • Europe: 2500 CZK / 3 days
  • Africa: 3500 CZK / 14 days
  • Asia: 3500 CZK / 14 days
  • Australia: 3500 CZK / 14 days

- the price is only approximate

Personal collection Hradec Králové (Rafkarna Showroom - building Paris: Baťkovo náměstí 552, Hradec Králové)
  • In advance to 3783592359 / 0800 bank account.
  • Cash payment - no card payment.


  • All orders over CZK 10 require a 000% deposit to confirm the order.
  • For custom construction of entangled wheels, the delivery time is 5-10 working days. If any of the components is not in stock, the delivery time is up to 8 weeks.


  • The conditions for returning the goods are governed by the terms and conditions of Rafkarna CZ.
  • Return Address: Rafkarna Showroom - Paris building: Baťkovo náměstí 552, Hradec Králové.
  • Return the goods in the original packaging, undamaged and with proof of purchase (invoice).
  • All orders over CZK 10 require a 000% deposit.


  • Bank name: Česká spořitelna
  • Account number: 3783592359 / 0800
  • IBAN: CZ19 0800 0000 0037 8359 2359